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All Prices & Hourly Rates Depend On Events Location, Type Of Event, And Services.

* 1 Hour 1 Entertainer, Impersonator, Stripper, Exotic Dancer, Bartender, Server, Host, Prankster, Telegram, rates start at $400 and up depending on your location.

* 2 Hours 1 Wrestler, Tossing, Bowling, Live Band, prices start at $850 and up depending on city, type of event, and your location.

* Each Added Hour is only $100 to $200 for each dwarf entertainer, impersonator, stripper, exotic dancer, bartender, server, host, prankster, telegram, singing telegram, etc.

* Each Added Hour is only $200 for a midget wrestler, tossing , bowling, live band..

* You can do less time but the rates the same because it's the midgets minimum rate.

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